Lowongan PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra) December 2011

PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra) has come through out struggle and strives of journey as the pioneer in Indonesian industry and sugar cane plantations.Began in the minddle of 19th century, the Dutch Colonial Government had founded the three Dutch Companies i.e. NV – De Bromo, NV – De Industrie and NV – De Vulkan. In 1958, the Indonesian goverment took over those three companies and named them as PN Boma, PN Indra, PN Bisma. On August 30, 1971 those three companies were merge into PT Boma Bisma Indra (BBI). Our first most important step is the license agreement with Stork Werspoor Sugar – Holland in 1974 where we learned to develop our ability in designing, manufacturing and completing construction of sugar factory, palm oil, steam boiler and pressure vessel.

The second agreement with Klockner Humbolt Deutz – Germany in manufacturing of diesel engines in 1997, set course into development of enery conversion technology. To lead BBI into modern company featured with well technology and equipment, we make an expansion in diesel engine plant and industrial equipment. We combine those efforts by various training domestic and abroad as well as scholarship to raise the professionalism of our employees.In the year 1998, Indonesian goverment adopted BBI under the National Strategic Industry.

Soon, PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra) has grown rapidly as a company focusing in power generator, automative application, pumps set, earth moving machinery, agrobased industry and more.

In competitive world industry, BBI is now still making perfection steps in operational, business and management, with every partner possible. Being a strategic industry BBI is commmited to timely delivery of advanced products and quality services needed by partners and customers. BBI does not only perform its business alone but has become one of spearheads in the transformation of technological resources. Coming into global era and free market BBI has made its preparation by making enhancement in technology and professionals through a proper long – term stategy and synergy.

PT BBI (Boma Bisma Indra) immediate need at the current power formations:

  1. Staf Mechanical Jursn T.Mesin S1 dan atau Poltek,D3 (Laki-Laki)- (SM)
  2. Staf Electrical Jurusan T.Elektro S1 dan atau Poltek,D3 (Laki-Laki) – (SE)
  3. Staf Permesinan Jursn T.Mesin D3 dan atau Poltek,D3 (Laki-Laki) – (SP)
  4. Staf Buyer Jurusan Teknik Mesin S1 dan atau D3 (Laki-laki) – (SB)
  5. Staf HES / K3LH Jurusan K3LH (laki-laki) – (SH)
  6. Staf P2 & Document Control Jurusan Teknik D3 (Perempuan) – (SPD)
  7. Staf Legal Jurusan Hukum (Laki-laki/Perempuan) – (SL)


  • IPK minimal 2,75 (skala 4)
  • Mampu komunikasi bahasa inggris baik tulis maupun lisan (1-7)
  • Mampu membaca gambar teknik dan design (1-5)
  • Memiliki sifat supel (kemampuan berkomunikasi dengan baik) (1-7)
  • Trengginas dan punya semangat untuk maju (1-7)
  • Mempunyai pengalaman organisasi (1-7)
  • Mampu mengoperasikan minimal PROGRAM MICROSOFT OFFICE (1-7) dan AUTOCAD (1-5)
  • Umur tidak lebih 28 Tahun pada tanggal 01 Desember 2011 (1-7)
  • Diutamakan berdomisili di Surabaya dan Pasuruan
  • Bagi yang memenuhi persyaratan saja yang akan dipanggil

Kepada yang memenuhi kriteria sebagaimana tersebut,agar mengirimkan aplikasi via email paling lambat tanggal 12 Desember 2011 kepada :

PT. Boma Bisma Indra (Persero)
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur 229, Surabaya
Attn. MS. Hanafy – Pengembangan SDM

Email: ms.hanafy@ptbbi.co.id

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