Lowongan PT. Indofarma (Persero) December 2011

PT. Indofarma (Persero) ,Embryo PT. Indofarma commence at the time of its establishment in 1918, starting from a small factory with limited facilities that can only produce some type of ointment and gauze dressings, to meet the needs of the Government of the Netherlands Central Hospital. Along with increasing production facility for tablets and injection, a small factory has since become known as the Drug Factory Manggarai. During the second world war, Japan’s Takeda control of plant management.

In 2001, PT. Indofarma (Persero) changed the status of a public company by the name of PT. Indofarma (Persero) Tbk, by doing an initial public offering by 20% to the public and listed all of the Company’s shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange Indonesia Stock Exchange with stock code INAF.


General Requirements :
• Pharmacists, age maximum 30 years
• Experience as formulators in the pharmaceutical industry at least 3 years
• Diligent, thorough and have good analytical skills
• English is active
Responsible for:
Ensuring the availability of Trial Formula, Formula Reproses, Formula Master, and Notes Production Batch Processing (Pharma)


General Requirements :
• Bachelor of Law, the maximum age of 35 years
• He worked in the Office of Legal Consultant at least 3 years
Mastering • Corporate Law & Litigation Exposure
• Experienced mengangani Corporate and Legal Issues
• Strong networking with government institutions, regulators and the Licensee relating to listed company
• Multitasking
• English is active
For those of you who meet the above qualifications, please send your CV, job application, copy of diploma, transcript and recent color photographs no later than December 16, 2011 to address:
PT Indofarma (Persero) Tbk
Jl Indofarma No.1 Cikarang Barat Bekasi 17530


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