Lowongan ExxonMobil’s December 2011

ExxonMobil’s workforce in Indonesia is a key to its success. Our track record for business success is a direct reflection of the quality of our employees. ExxonMobil companies in Indonesia employ more than 850 people.

Over 90 percent of ExxonMobil staff in Indonesia are Indonesians, many of whom work in positions as managers, engineers, geoscientists, accountants, and administrative and operations staff.

In the context of developing an organization in processing business information, we require a reliable workforce for the position:


Data Analyst is responsible for the geoscience and engineering data management in ExxonMobil Business Units and/or Affiliates

Tasks and responsibilities includes :

  •     Generate utilization reports, load balance across disks.
  •     Maintain data owner access matrices; conduct access reviews; review ID and data access requests for completeness.
  •     Advise or guide customers on general data access security issues.
  •     Create new projects, ensure choke points have correct ownership and permissions, add/delete user work areas.
  •     Request new databases, administer, monitor growth, ensure data loading standards are being followed.
  •     Interface the data in EMSDB/RECALL to the appropriate application repositories (e.g. OpenWorks, GeoFrame, WellView, OFM).

Qualifications :

  •     Bachelor degree preferably with GPA greater than 3.25 of 4.0 scales in any of these following disciplines : Geophysics; Geology; Geodetics; Electrical Engineering (Control/ Telecommunications/ Computers) and Informatics Engineering.
  •     Fresh graduate or graduate with 1-2 years of working experience in related area.
  •     Knowledgeable of Geoscience and Engineering data and applications, Linux/Unix, Windows and basic scripting.
  •     Knowledgeable of Microsoft Office
  •     Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  •     Strong interpersonal skills, flexible and able to work independently.
  •     Effective team player and able to lead a team.
  •     Able to work in a changing environment and meet deadlines.

How to apply : www.exxonmobil.co.id/careers
Valid Until  : December 15, 2011


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