Lowongan PT SURYA MADISTRINDO (Gudang Garam) December 2011

PT Surya Madistrindo (SM) is a unit of PT Gudang Garam Tbk (GG), which is engaged in the distribution and sale of Gudang Garam all products to all regions in Indonesia. GG is a big company in Indonesia that was founded in 1958, known in the general population through products / brands such as Gudang Garam Merah, Gudang Garam International, Gudang Garam Surya 16, ProMild and other products.

In the context of developing an organization in processing business information, we require a reliable workforce for the position:

Business Analyst (Code: BA)

Main Responsibilities:

Analyze the data and business information in order to provide input and recommendations in Top Management decision making


  •     Male / female, education min. S1 (S2 is more preferable) majoring in Economics or Industrial Engineering
  •     Having experience in FMCG company or Marketing Consultant min. 5 (five) Years
  •     Understanding the elements associated with targeting, pricing and distribution strategies in each region
  •     Able to perform a thorough analysis to identify recurring patterns (in relation to the value and number of sales, price movements, and distribution) to find out the results of marketing activities, market needs, and its effect on competition
  •     Able to perform analysis in tracing and linking the causes of a trend as a key to learning to create a more effective strategy
  •     Experienced in qualitative research (field surveys) to identify what is happening in the market and then analyze what would be the future market needs change based on changes that occur
  •     Having an understanding of the processes of data mining and database elements
  •     Having the knowledge and background of Information Technology (Computerized) which can help design the system according to the concept to be applied
  •     Having the ability to thoroughly analyze a process and identify things that could be improved to increase efficiency
  •     Have strong coordination ability
  •     Having the ability to communicate which can be adjusted to various positions and backgrounds, and with no emphasis on racial and cultural differences.
  •     Able to communicate effectively with different parties socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures


Applications addressed to the Recruitment Section of PT Surya Madistrindo (SM) by stating the BA code on your Application via email to recruitment@sm.co.id

Valid Until : 5 December 2011


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